Regulations of the International Short Hockey Tournament


Founder of the competition International Short Hockey Federation
Participants Top-6 short hockey teams, according to ISHF ranking:

1.     Uralets

2.     Armeets

3.     Moskovskiy Eshelon

4.     Molotoboytsy

5.     Shest Trolley

6.     Ledianye Voiny

Place of performance Arena by league designation
Start date of the competition 25 February 2022
Final date of the competition 31 May 2022
A break in the competition
The first stage of the tournament: Holding period:

25.02.2022  – 31.05.2022


Regular Championship: Each team plays each team.

The second stage of the tournament: Holding period




Play-offs are played between the 4 strongest teams in the first leg.

The second leg consists of two rounds:

First round the teams play in this format:

Pair A: 2-3 places

Pair B: 1-4 places


Second Round — Play-offs: teams play in this format:

Game for the 3rd  place



Game for the 1st  place


The competition is held according to the adapted ISHF experimental rules There are no yellow and red card rules as an administrative punishment system for player infringements.


In other cases, the current rules of short hockey as approved in the ISHF Rule Book.

Head of the Referee Committee Mr. Maksim Kartoshkin
Head of the Organising Committee Mr. Bogatin Maksim