19.06.2021 @ 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
ISHF Electrostal Cup



SEASON 2021 / 2022

1. Full name of the event according to ISHF International Calendar ISHF Elektrostal Cup
2. Category of competitions, in ISHF calendar «А»
3. Competition organizer Electrostal Hockey Federation


Russian Short Hockey Federation


International Short Hockey Federation

4. Immediate implementation is entrusted to Electrostal Hockey Federation


Russian Short Hockey Federation


International Short Hockey Federation

5. Country of event Russian Federation
6. Host city City of Electrostal
7. Place of performance Metallurg Ice Arena
8. Address of the arena        Electrostal, Sportivnaya street, 10
9. Head of the Referee Committee Mr. Maksim Kartoshkin
10. Head of the Organising Committee Mr. Leonid Ovechkin
11. Date of arrival of participants 17/06/2021
12. Start date of the competition 19/06/2021
13. End date of the competition 29/07/2021
14. Number of transfer windows 2
15. Transfer window dates:
First transfer window 27/06/2021 – 29/06/2021
Second transfer window 17/07/2021 – 19/07/2021
16. Competitions are held in accordance with : 1.     ISHF approved rules for short hockey


2.     Single competition regulations for the ISHF WORLD CHALLENGES SERIES series 2020/2021


3.     Local calendar of sport events in Moscow Region


4.     ISHF international calendar

17. Number of teams 8
18. Number of countries represented 2
19. List of teams and countries Team name Officialabbreviation of the country
1 Ledianye Voiny RUS
2 Kuznya


3 Ferrum LVA
4 Molotoboytsy RUS
5 Uralets RUS
6 Belsk BLR
7 Moskovskiy Eshelon RUS
8 Armeets RUS
20. Stages of the competition: 2
20.1 First stage Regular Championship
20.1.1 Number of rounds of the first stage 9
20.1.2 Number of stage participants 8
20.1.3 Number of matches between teams during the phase 6
20.2. Second stage Play-off
20.2.1 Number of stage participants 4
20.2.2 Number of matches between teams in one round 3
21. Safety of participants Tournament organizer
22. Insurance of participants Teams
23. Medical clearance Participants
 24. Special conditions in connection with Covid-19 Foreign players only
24.1 Competitions are held without spectators
24.2 All athletes and guests are required to take the Covid-19 test before arrival at the hotel.
24.3 Athletes live in enclosed specialised premises (hotels)
25. Commercial rights to use materials and other opportunities within the framework of this event ISHF
26. Information sources https://ishf.pro
27. Competition Schedule Annex No. 1 in these Regulations