Brief Description

Format4 vs 4
Governing BodyInternational Short Hockey Federation
Major Members of the Governing BodyNational Federations(Associations) of Different Countries of the World
Main Principles of Sport DevelopmentIndependence from other Subtypes of Hockey

Increasing number of national short hockey federationsaround the globe

Market opportunities development for potentialcommercial partners

Development of cooperation with establishedinternational organizations, including organizations withinthe sports industry
Main Events:World Championships

World Youth Team Championships (U21, U19, U17)

World club series

Continental Cups (Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania)
SeasonMarch – November

Distinctive Features

Short hockey is an independent sport, alternative of the classicice hockey, but with characteristic differences concerning therules. Distinctive Short Hockey Features in comparison with classic Ice Hockey.

List of rulesShort HockeyClassic Ice Hockey
The amount of teamplayers on the ice at atime45
The rule of offside andblue lines+
The rule of attacking the opponent’s goal strictly from a pass in an opponent area+
The rules that disallows the attack by a slap shot (power shot)+
The rule concerning icing+
Body checking+
Yellow and Red Card punishments+
Punishing by reducing the number of players+
The length of the game
– Amount of Periods
– The length of the Periods
10 min.
20 min.
The Size of a Gaming Field
– The Width: Min./Max.
– The Length: Min./Max.


– Accented Passing
– Pass Interception